Yemen Mocca Kholani
Yemen Mocca Kholani Yemen Mocca Kholani
$ 22.75

12 oz valve bag


Country: Yemen
Region: Sa’adah Governorate Elevation: 1,600-1,700 masl
Mill: Muslot Trading Mill
Process: Natural
Varietals: Audaini, Dawaery, Tuffahi Importer: Royal

Tasting Notes:
Golden Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Ginger Candy

Roaster's Notes:

“Kholani” is a terroir distinction, much like “Kona”, referring to high-quality coffee originating from the northern ranges of Yemen.

Royal’s relationship with Pearl of Tehama Import/Export Company is storied, and dates back to 1984. Pearl of Tehama is operated by the Muslot family, which is now led by Mrs. Fatoum Muslot since her father’s passing. Recognizing the opportunity and potential of growing and exporting coffee, Mrs. Fatoum Muslot strived to learn as much as possible, despite the fact that a woman owning and operating a business is outside the acceptable norms in Yemen.

Yemen is a particularly challenging place to grow coffee, and even to purchase coffee from. Conflict in Yemen has cost over 3 million lives, and left two-thirds of the population in ongoing need of food or medical care. In the absence of any national infrastructure to support Yemen’s coffee, Muslot Trading Stores provides financing support to many of their farms in order to maintain stability for producers and their communities. What’s more, maintaining coffee trees in a climate as dry, high, and uniquely challenging as Yemen’s western and northern ranges, requires the kind of proven techniques that only generations of farming can bestow. Coffee trees are spaced 4-6x further apart than is normally found in other coffee-growing regions of the world, for two reasons: 1) due to the narrow space available on terraces, and 2) for better groundwater access and erosion control. Canopy trees are carefully selected and positioned for how well they block water evaporation. As can be imagined, productivity is very low in such conditions.