Uganda Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union Kilembe
$ 18.00

12oz valve bag

honey, cinnamon, peach

Roaster's Notes:

Bukonzo Joint began as a rural micro-finance society in 1999 and has evolved into a well-regarded Union of 5,500 farmer members within 72 producer groups, organized into 9 primary societies, producing some of the best coffee in the region.

Victrola had the honor and privilege to visit Bukonzo Joint and participate in judging the annual cupping competition BJCU holds in conjunction with Atlas Coffee Importers.  The competition features each of the member washing stations as a way of celebrating the harvest season and bringing well deserved attention to the work of the Union members.  

This beautiful lot was harvested too late to be entered into the official competition, but it cupped so well that we couldn't pass up purchasing to share with you!


Town: Kyarumba
Region: Kasese District
Altitude: 1400-2000 MASL
Wet Mill: Kilembe
Process: Washed
Varietal(s):  Nyasaland, SL 14, SL 28
Producer: Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union