Nicaragua Maracaturra
$ 18.00

12oz valve bag

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Melon, Fresh Pepper, Chocolate, Licorice, Stone Fruit
Flavor: Praline, Melon, Nectarine, Oregano, Herbs   
Body: Medium
Finish: Clean
Acidity: Bright


Producer: Luis Alberto Balladerez
Farm: Finca La Bendicion
Town: Ocotal
Region: Jalapa
Elevation: 1500 - 1800 MASL
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Maracaturra
Wet Mill: La Bendicion
Dry Mill: Beneficio Las Segovias

Roaster’s Notes:

Finca La Bendicion is one of the largest coffee farms in Nueva Segovia.  Luis Alberto Balladerez’ owns farms Mozonte, but this farm is significantly further from the regional capital of Ocotal in the region of Jalapa. This region gets significantly more rainfall than Mozonte, which promotes more even ripening than in his other farms. The farm is essentially a whole mountain and there are farm buildings on the ridge. You can see from there a 360 degree view of the farm and it is quite beautiful.

The farm is kind of a varietal garden with many interesting cultivars. He produces a lot of the big bean cultivars here, which you have tasted – maracaturra and paramara (and very successfully). The farm is somewhat lower in altitude than his other farms, but I think buyers should not be fooled, it produces fantastic competition winning coffees. In fact, a Natural Pacamara from La Bendicion took first place in the CoE this year.

He has a large high capacity and state of the art wet mill on the property that enables Luis to pulp a whole day’s picking (from a very large farm) in around an hour so that they can achieve a very controlled and manageable fermentation process. Luis feels that this contributes to dependable flavor profile and a very clean cup

Finca La Bendicion is one of the largest coffee farms in Nueva Segovia.  Luis Alberto Balladarez maintains La Bendicion as a variety garden of sorts, with many cultivars planted.  Among them is the large bean hybrid, Maracaturra. Maracturra is a cross between Maragogype and Caturra. The combination of rich mountain soil, ample rainfall, and meticulous care taken in processing, results in a beautifully complex representation of Maracaturra.