Nicaragua Finca Bella Vista
$ 17.50

12oz valve bag

Tasting Notes:
Fragrance/Aroma:   Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Caramel, Cashew, Sunflower Seed, Melon
Flavor: Chocolate, Cashew, Mushroom, Clove, Oak, Melon
Body: Rich
Finish: Slightly lingering
Acidity: Moderate

Town: Molino Norte
Region: Matagalpa
Mill: Beneficio Las Segovias
Elevation: 1050 - 1220 MASL
Process: Washed
Variety: Java
Farm Size: 22.5 manzanas
Producer: William Enrique Mejia Palacios

Roaster’s Notes:

We sourced this coffee through our good friends at Atlas Coffee Importers.  For some years, Atlas has connected us with Luis Alberto Balladarez, in Nicaragua.  Luis Alberto is the owner of Beneficio Las Segovias. An exemplary dry mill in the Nueva Segovia region, well known in the area and abroad for producing exceptional coffee.

This particular coffee comes from Finca Vista Bella in Matagalpa, a region south of Nueva Segovia.  Bella Vista is owned by William Mejilla, who produces four varieties of Arabica on 22.5 manzanas (about 38.5 acres).  This particular lot is all of the Java variety. As its namesake indicates, this variety was introduced to the island of Java by Dutch colonists in the early 19th century, although it is actually an Ethiopian landrace variety.  This is the first time we have tasted this variety grown in Nicaragua and we love its structure and complexity with a range of sweet, chocolate and nutty flavors with savory and earthy qualities.