Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Chejoj
$ 18.50

12oz valve bag

Municipality: San Pedro Necta
Department: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1700 MASL
Process: Washed and Patio Dried 
Varietals: Catuai and Caturra
Producer: Alejandro Lainez

Tasting Notes:

chocolate, roasted hazelnut, red apple 

Roaster's Notes:

Producer, Alejandro Lainez, inherited Finca Chejoj from his father in 1980, and grows Catuai, Caturra, Pache and Bourbon.  This is a washed coffee, that is fermented in tanks for 18 hours, washed, and dried on patio for six to seven days.

We bought this coffee through our dear friends at Onyx Coffee.  Onyx was founded by Edwin Martinez, whose family owns Finca Vista Hermosa.  We have been buying Huehuetenango coffee from Edwin and his family since 2007, and we chose this particular coffee because it is such a classic Huehuetenango flavor profile.  Caramel, chocolate, brown sugar, roasted hazelnut, and a nice red apple/apple acidity going on.  This coffee really tasted like home to us and we hope you enjoy.