Ethiopia Golocha Harar
Ethiopia Golocha Harar Ethiopia Golocha Harar
$ 20.00

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Small Lot Farmers
Farm: Golocha Station
Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom
Elevation: 1800 MASL

Tasting Notes:
Blueberry, Honey, Chocolate

Roaster's Notes

This is a good example of a tasty old world natural. Closer to a Yemen coffee than most other export grade Ethiopians. It will produce some lovely and unique tastes that can only be achieved in other old world coffees. High in cha and will roast a bit uneven but worth the roasting challenge to get a unique and tasty cup. This coffee is sourced from family owned farms in the legendary Harari region best known for the Harar Horse coffee brand, which hasn’t been around for a long time. Coffees coming from Harar are the reason Ethiopian Naturals are so famous. In the last 10 years the market has been dominated by the Yirgacheffe and Sidamo naturals which tend to be much more uniform but differ decently in taste characteristics. The rolling high plateaus and rugged mountains of Ethiopia have long been host to a venerated ensemble of Arabica coffee beans. The sprawling terrains of this highly populated African country were destined to be the home to the most stimulating drink of the world, coffee. As legends and myths go abound, Ethiopia was recognized as the birth-place of coffee. Wild coffee berries growing happily on the Ethiopian mountainous inclines and forests harvested by the local country folks. Unlike the other major coffee producing countries, coffee in Ethiopia was not established and traded as cash crops. A bulk share of country’s coffee produce is consumed internally while the rest goes for wholesale trades. Ethiopia can boast for producing world’s finest gourmet coffees ranking among the first ten producers of specialty coffee beans round the globe. Depending on the process sophistications, Ethiopian coffees can be divided into prominent categories like, the wet-processed and the dry-processed lots. The region of Harar produces its distinctively chocolaty light-acidic coffees that are processed naturally. Locked in between the Sudan and Eritrean plains, cradled in the Nile basin the eastern Ethiopian Harar coffees come up with the masked blueberry & blackberry hints and tantalizing smell.