Costa Rica William Murillo - Honey Process
$ 19.25

12oz valve bag

Honey Process Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma:  Raisin, Red Apple, Puffed Wheat
Flavor:  Grape, Cherry, Plum, Cacao Nib, Ginger
Body: Juicy
Finish: Clean
Acidity: Crisp

Roaster’s Notes:

For the past four years, Victrola has been building a relationship with Hacienda Sonora in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.  Owned and operated by the Guardia Family, Hacienda Sonora runs a state of the art micro mill in the heart of the farm. We are excited to offer both a honey and a natural coffee from Hacienda Sonora.  One fact to note, is that the coffee we are offering is not grown at Sonora, but a neighboring farm. The harvested coffee is brought to Sonora for processing and milling. This is a great example of the interconnectedness of farm and mill in the production of specialty coffee.


Town: San Miguel de Grecia, Alajuela
Region: West Valley
Elevation: 1600-1700 MASL
Process: Black Honey
Varietal: Caturra
Producer: William Murillo
Mill: Hacienda Sonora