Burundi Mpanga Nyangwe Washed Process
$ 21.00

12oz valve bag

Tasting Notes:
Notes: Stewed Peach, Raisin, Brown Sugar
Body: Lush
Finish: Clean
Acidity: Sparkling

Province: Kayanza 
Washing Station: Mpanga
Dry Mill: SIVCA
Elevation: 1820 MASL
Average Producer Farm Size: Just under an acre
Process: Fully Washed
Varietals: Bourbon
Producer: SEGEC


Coffee Story:
This lot is named for the hill upon which the coffee Grows.  We are so excited to offer two coffees from Nyangwe Hill, this classic washed process and also a more experimental honey processed coffee.  This lot is pulped, washed, and dried on raised beds to ensure timely and even drying. We absolutely love this classic processing approach and the clarity and sparkling acid it lends to the cup.  We recommend trying both processing methods so you can experience how coffee from the same land can show unique characteristics based on the processing method!

The Mpanga Washing Station was built in 2008 by SEGEC (loosely translated from French as the Society for Producing and Exporting Coffee). SEGEC was founded by Jean Clement Birabereye, who oversees the mill’s coffee operation. Mpanga is located in the Kayanza Province, in the northern part of the country. The station receives and processes coffees from over 300 small farms that are owned by families in the surrounding area. Jean Clement’s experience and dedication to sorting and processing have earned SEGEC a reputation for producing high quality coffee. SEGEC was recognized by both the the Burundi Cup of Prestige in 2011 and was the winner of the Burundi Cup of Excellence in 2014.  Victrola has been working with Jean Clement and SEGEC since 2013 and we are so pleased to offer coffee from Mpanga once again this year.