Streamline Espresso Blend
Streamline Espresso Blend Streamline Espresso Blend Streamline Espresso Blend
$ 14.95

Our Streamline Espresso is in a class all its own. Smooth, rich and flavorful. From the moment you grind it you’ll notice a sweetly decadent  aroma of brown sugar and fresh pine. As the thick, luscious crema begins to drip elegantly into the warm demitasse, you’ll be hooked. In a swirl around the cup, savor the fleeting notes of fresh spruce and toasted hazelnut. As you take the first sip, notes of milk chocolate and poached pear will saturate your palate. The velvety mouthfeel and striking acidity will captivate you as the complex flavors consolidate into a deliciously resonant finish.

We take great care and attention season-to-season when selecting coffees for our Streamline blend. A Brazil pulped natural from Mantiqueira de Minas lays a foundation of toasted hazelnuts and rich milk chocolate. Next, a washed-process Guatemala from Lake Atitlan adds complex layers of baker’s cocoa, baking spice and a velvety mouthfeel. Finally, a natural-processed coffee from the Rwenzori mountains of Uganda sweetens the pot with lofty high notes of poached pear, raisin, blackberry and a crisp acidity.