Kenya Kangurumai AB
$ 21.00

Country: Kenya
Region: Muranga
Farm: Kangurumai Factory
Elevation: 1650 MASL
Process: Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34 Rirui11

Tasting Notes:

Strawberry, Tomato, Herbaceous

Roaster's Notes

This coffee was sourced and selected by our wonderful baristas in our Seattle Cafes. This is the start of a project meant to help educate and foster the next generation of coffee professionals so we can grow stronger as a team and aim our ship towards the future of specialty coffee.  Please enjoy their efforts and labors!

The Kangiri FCS is located in Muranga County, on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountain range. The society has five factories: Kangurumai, New Irati, Kanguya, Gatumbi and Kanjathi. The water used for processing comes from the Kanyiriri spring nearby. Before pulping, the farmers are hand-sorting the cherries. Only the ripe ones are being delivered to the factory for processing. After pulping, the parchment is fermented overnight in the fermentation tanks. The following day, the parchment is washed and graded in the channels, and then dried on raised beds for 9-15 days.