Honduras Eusebio Santos
$ 20.00

12 oz recyclable valve bag

Origin: Honduras

Producer: Eusebio Santos
Farm: Finca Las Faldas
Process: Washed 
Variety: Colombia
Elevation: 2100 MASL

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes:
Grape, Apple Cider, Caramel

Roaster's Notes

Eusebio began his coffee journey in 1985, with a small piece of land and a passion for brewing. He has grown Las Faldas to 4 hectares of coffee and keeps a 10 person team working through out the year. Eusebio uses only organic fertilizers and nitrates on his farm. They only pick ripe cherries doing multiple passes during the harvest season. Fermentation takes 24 hours and is done on the farm at Las Faldas. This is Eusebio’s first year selling his coffee as a single producer coffee, he is excited to explore this new possibility in his business as the premiums are so much higher for these specialty lots.

Buyer's Note:

Moving from conventional bulk lots to traceable day-lots like Eusebio is doing is a scary jump for a businessman. He assumes all of the risk that his coffee is not valued at where his production costs land, but the ceiling for potential is much higher. This is something we take into account when working with new specialty producers: how can we create the confidence for the producer to get to their next level as smoothly as possible. Working with high potential people across the globe is paramount to the success of our Single Producer program, but finding producers as unique as Eusebio and fostering their growth for the future is incredibly important as well.