Colombia La Ceiba Espresso
$ 18.00

12 oz valve bag

ORIGIN: Colombia
PRODUCER: ASPROTimana Cooperative
FARM: 945 small-lot farmers
VARIETY: Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha, Castillo, Colombia

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes

Plum, Milk Chocolate, Lime  

Roaster's Notes

Thank you for waiting on this release! There were a couple different challenges with this coffee that delayed our ability to release it for you. Mainly, we wanted to wait for our new branding, and have this be our first Single Origin Espresso in our new fully recyclable bags. Second was a timing issue with shipping this coffee from Colombia. It left Colombia on time but got delayed at the port but luckily we received it in time for this milestone!

We love working with ASPROTimana. They are an awesome cooperative to work with and who just truly get it. They are easy to work with and their coffee is consistent, and delicious throughout the year. This particular coffee is the La Ceiba, found its name from the tree that the founding members of the cooperative sat under when they ratified the organization. The tree stands to this day covering the town square of Timana, and adorns the burlap bags we receive from them.

This coffee is roasted by our team with espresso in mind. The espresso shot has a juicy plum flavor and finishes with a soft lime zest brightness. Excellently balanced and extremely easy to work with. Our baristas pull this coffee as:

18g in / 28 seconds / 32g out