Triborough Organic Espresso Blend
Triborough Organic Espresso Blend Triborough Coffee Beans Triborough Organic Espresso Blend
$ 15.50
Our Triborough Organic Espresso is a bit of a crowd-pleaser. It’s deliciously straightforward, certified organic, and excels on nearly every brewing device. Simple and solid, Triborough is thoughtfully composed of beans from two very different parts of the world--a fully-washed process coffee from the Copán region of Honduras, and a wet-hulled Sumatra Mandheling from the Takengon region. Triborough first hits your nose with aromas of chocolate dipped almond and juniper berries. In the cup, it is chock full of chocolate notes, has a refreshingly mellow acidity and is wonderfully smooth. As espresso it is exceptional with milk, which allows the sweet nuttiness and decadent cocoa flavors to shine through. You’ll love that it is sustainably farmed, ethically sourced and cultivated without harmful pesticides and chemicals as well.