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What’s the Difference Between Single-Origin and Blend Coffee?

Online Sales & Marketing, Kendon Shaw and Head Roaster and Green Buyer, Dennis Peseau


What is the difference between single origin and blend coffee?

This is a topic we can wax eloquently on. Let’s talk about roasting, single origin, and blends:

What is single-origin coffee?

It is coffee sourced from one specific region, and often from one specific farm which is selected for its unique natural bean profile. Our Victrola buyers seek out and discover beautiful single-origin coffees, eager to roast them and brings out their individual characteristics. We love to showcase the tremendous amount of work that goes into single origin, and frequently feature coffee from Rwanda, Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, Yemen and other countries.

What is a blend coffee?

It is coffee sourced from two or more places with the goal of creating a specific flavor profile. Our Victrola roasting team love to take people on a journey with the coffee. We look for coffees that have a few threads of similarity and then try to balance them in and complement each other. Our Empire Blend, for example is a blend of coffees from Central and South America. It has a nice, present, but moderate acidity, a rich body and a complex flavor profile. Blends typically take milk well, while the nuance of single origins can sometimes get lost in the milk. Blends can also be taken to a medium and beyond roast, accessing different levels of flavor.

What should I drink?

When in doubt, ask your barista for recommendations. Your tastes should drive your choice, and a professional can help. If your local coffee shop is also a roaster, even better. Part of great coffee is the community and conversation. We invite you to join in the talk.

We’d love to hear about your coffee quandaries. Please write in to info@victrolacoffee.com, or DM us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and we’ll answer either on the show or via e-mail. We’ll send you a free t-shirt if we answer your question on the show!

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