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How Do You Convince Someone to Drink Good Coffee?

Online Sales & Marketing, Kendon Shaw and Head Roaster and Green Buyer, Dennis Peseau


What’s the best elevator speech to convince a habitual coffee drinker to try and see coffee in a different light?

For many people, coffee is simply a ritual step in the morning, a quick adrenaline boost to launch the day. Their machines are likely set on a timer with a carafe resting at length on a warming tray until they haphazardly pour a to-go cup, load it up with cream and sugar while simultaneously trying to locate their keys, and rush out the door.

Of course we do have an elevator pitch to reach these coffee drinkers, but it comes with a cautionary tale and we will tell you both.

  1. Do not approach these people until they have had their cup of coffee. Half the battle is choosing the perfect (well-caffeinated) moment.
  2. Prepare your favorite brew and make enough for sharing. When you proffer a cup, tell them you’ve noticed that they enjoy coffee, and offer to tell them the tale of your coffee. Everyone loves a good story.
  3. Explain your selection: where it came from, who picked it, how it was roasted, and why you enjoy it.

We also recommend sharing your own coffee ‘origin’ story. Tell them how you become an enlightened coffee drinker, recognizing and appreciating the history and labor that surrounds your favorite beverage. Invite them to a cupping. It’s a great opportunity to sample and evaluate roasts which appeal to a wide variety of people. Then sit back and let the coffee do the work. Chances are you broadened their coffee horizons, and they will thank you for it.

However, (and here’s the cautionary part), they might not. They just might not get why you are passionate about coffee. And that’s ok. You did the right thing by offering the invitation without obligation. No matter the origin, or blend, or story, the best cup of coffee is the cup of coffee you enjoy. And that cup will be different for everyone.

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